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Angel Cat Sugar was introduced in 2002 by the original creator of “Hello Kitty”, Yuko Shimizu, who hopes all children can fulfill their dreams and be happy, just like Sugar! Angel Cat Sugar is sure to bring...

A Smile To Your Face,
Peace To Your Heart
Happiness To Your Soul.


Artist and character designer, Ms. Shimizu, graduated from Musashino Art University with an oil-painting major.   Working for Sanrio , she created `Hello Kitty`, `Happiness Balloon`, `Koro-chan` and `Honey-chan`.  She and her extremely popular creation, `Hello Kitty`, share the same birthday, November 1. As a freelance designer, in 2002 she released a new character, "Angel Cat Sugar"

Celebrity Friends

Fearne Cotton - famous British television icon
Tamzin Outhwaite - well known British actress
Claudia Schiffer – world class supermodel
Meg Mathews - celebrity interior designer
Tamara Beckwith - British socialite
Nicola McLean - British model
Alex Reid - British mixed martial artist

All love Angel Cat Sugar!

Angel Cat Sugar Fund (ACSF)

Taking advantage of Angel Cat Sugar’s healing power, we aim to be a part of benevolent activities to make everybody smilt and happy. A portion of proceed from product sales will be donated to charitable organizations.

Angel Cat Sugar Fund (ACSF)

Bangkok International Book Fair

Fund-raising event organized by Tokyo YMCA on March, 2011

ACSF contributed the charitable donation for the victims of The 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake

Be the Change
You Want to See!

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